Event Promotion/Email Marketing

Event Promotion/Email Marketing

We have extensively researched, collected and recorded team contacts of over 20,000 contacts throughout the Midwest. We will send up to 3 emails blasts out for your tournament or soccer camp (via constant contact), to help increase your registration numbers and awareness of your event/host club. *Examples can be seen below.* 

Emails will be designed and created by our team if needed or can also be sent pre-designed by you. We ask that you choose your own campaign schedule leading up to your event. 

  • Initial marketing email blast sent to our 20,000+ team contacts                $400
  • Each additional email sent after initial blast                                                  $200
  • Purchase 3 email campaigns for a discount ($100 off)                                 $700

If interested or have questions about our scheduling/bracketing services, please send us a message from the Contact Us page and we will be able to discuss your options further.

Past Flyer Examples