Michigan 5v5 Series


GR 5v5 Summer League

MTS Events is pleased to bring you the Michigan 5v5 Series.

The Michigan 5v5 Series incorporates the traditions of European 5v5 with the excitement of Futsal. Its fast paced action, where the goalkeeper is encouraged to be a part of the game and to not just “sit in the goal”, is designed to give players a fresh new way to play while replicating the “Real Game”.The Michigan 5v5 Series puts back the tactics and skills to make decisions that 3v3 has lost! Plus, it is a BLAST to play! A unique field will be used that sets the stage for exciting, fast paced, attacking soccer.

The Michigan 5v5 Series will be setting up events across Michigan, starting in the summer of 2018 in Grand Rapids, with a 5v5 summer League. Click on the above link for more details on the Grand Rapids 5v5 Summer League! 

If you are interested in bringing an event to your town, send us a message using our contact page!