Tournament Bracketing & Scheduling

Tournament Bracketing & Scheduling

Nobody planning a tournament enjoys the bracketing and scheduling procedure…..but we do! We pride ourselves on our ability to publish schedules that are fair to all teams and free from the dreaded coaching conflicts! All brackets and schedules will be provided to you in a clear to understand online format through Google Docs, which you will have access to view as we work. We have a staff with over a decade of scheduling experience and several club references that are available upon request.

Team Count Cost Per Team Price Range
80-100 teams $16 per team $1280-$1600
101-150 teams $15 per team $1515-$2250
151-200 teams $14 per team $2114-$2800
201-250 teams $13 per team $2613-$3250
251+ teams Price negotiable $3263-negotiable

* full schedule will be provided on Google Docs, an additional fee of $500 will be charged if you require us to input the schedule into your system  ** This pricing is based on up to 3 event sites. Additional sites will have a $250 surcharge per site

Important Notes & Timeline:

  • Application deadline 6 weeks prior to start date
  • ALL bracket requests and ALL schedule requests MUST be made before application deadline
  • Teams will be seeded based on their teams record & past performances
  • Brackets sent for approval to club DOC and/or Tournament Director 5 weeks prior to event
  • Recommended seven day editing/adjustment period
  • Brackets fixed 4 weeks out
  • Schedule sent for approval to club DOC and/or Tournament Director 3 weeks prior to event
  • Schedule posted 3 weeks before event
  • No coaching conflicts guaranteed up to 3 teams

If interested or have questions about our scheduling/bracketing services, please send us a message from the Contact Us page and we will be able to discuss your options further.